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Australian Geographic Product Reviews

Read customer reviews about products from Australian Geographic, including verified customer reviews on Australian Geographic branded products and books.

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Jemma Review

The price of postage was very expensive, it was 13$ and of a total cost me 21$. I boyght a product worth 8$

Great toy

My child loves this pocket style microscope to look at leaves and rocks and bugs in the garden. Would definitely recommend this for other child explorers

Looks real...

Bought for my grandson son but more than likely will end up as the most expensive dog toy I've ever bought once they see it...

Great fun!

Scared my cousin with it at Christmas a few years back, great fun!

GraviTrax Starter Kit
Leslie Heussenstamm
Great service

The package arrived quickly and grandsons loves it. Thank you


Received my darling little notebooks. Beautifully made and illustrated. Perfect size for a handbag, backpack or other. Thank you Nat Geo ❤️

Australian Geographic 'Scents of Australia' Aroma Oil Trio

My mum absolutely adored this!

Banksia Nut Mini Aroma Pod

Smaller than expected but gorgeous just the same!

Animal Families

An outstanding book for the young. Beautiful photographic illustrations with easy to read descriptions. Not overflowing with text. Highly recommended

Hansa Bilby Puppet
R John Hylton-Cummins
Bilby Aware

What a wonderful gift this was for our two year old great granddaughter.
Opportunities to make-believe with a happy puppet abound.
Looking forward to enjoying this puppet even more.

Hansa Bilby Puppet
elizabeth purchase
Beautiful Bilbies

Is there a better way to introduce young children into the secret life of one our shyest marsupials, than with the Australian Geographic puppet of a Bilby? We know that play is the best way for active young minds to learn! Through investigating habitats, life cycles and endangered species, children are encouraged to explore their understandings of the Bilby’s unique features and its relationship to parts of the arid and semi-arid Australian landscape. Facts can be expressed in scientific puppet plays, diagrams, sentences and art work. How can you say no?

Beatrice Townsend


It's a great kit but you do need to grab some extra things to make it work best. They're things that you'll find around the house but not necessarily the classroom, so if you're a teacher using this for your class you need a bit of prep time. With a run through it is modifiable for a larger group, and does suit a range of difficulty levels with some adjustments. :)

Hansa Possum Puppet
Cristina Ryle
Incredibly lifelike !!

I bought this for my grand daughter, but have decided to keep it for myself because it is without doubt the most beautifully made and realistic puppet I have ever seen.....and my grand daughter is terrified of it lol, but she is only 8 months old at the moment - she will love it soon. My husband nearly fell off the veranda because I set it up on the rail "eating" a mango. It has paid for itself over and over already in laughs alone. Thanks for such an exquisite toy.

Carnivorous Plant

Follow instructions but nothing grew

Hansa Bilby Puppet
Ann-Marie Hammond
My daughter loved this Bilby puppet

It was an Easter present for my daughter; it is lovely and she loved it. But it arrived the Tuesday after Easter. Would have been nice if it arrived earlier. But it is lovely

Hansa Quokka Puppet
John Lehane
Grandkids loved them

Seen on FaceTime with my Grandsons who are in another State. These beautifully crafted puppets were a massive hit that brought great laughter and joy to us all.

Hansa Possum Puppet
Lorrae Moon

Super cute! Great quality and very realistic looking

Urban Wild
Eduardo Olivares Orrego
Interesting and easy to read book.

Great book that gives practical information about our city birds, what to plant in our garden so we could provide habitat , source of food.

My Puppy

For me, the cutest most realistic you could ask for.

Hansa Possum Puppet
Annette Cape
Hansa Possum Puppet

This is so cute and realistic. I just love this possum and I know kids will too.

Change table delight!

We have this hanging on the wall next to the change table, Bub loves it, much more convenient than a hanging mobile.

Great lifelike puppet , just right for an Easter gift.

Disappointing hat

The rest of the tricks are standard for a kids magic kit and good enough for them to enjoy, but the hat itself (the main reason for purchasing) was very disappointing - too small for any child old enough to understand how to perform magic, made of hard plastic so that it can't be moulded to different head shapes, and the compartment flap is too noisy.

Hansa Possum Puppet
Shirley Williams
Great toy

The possum hand puppets are brilliant

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