Silverlit Nano Falcon Xs Worlds Smallest Helicopter

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Measuring 82mm, the Silver Lit Nano Helicopter is the smallest remote control helicopter in the world.
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Say hello to the smallest helicopter in the world. Measuring 82mm, the Silver Lit Nano holds the Guinness Book world record for the being the tiniest helicopter.

The built-in gyro stabilizer makes for a smooth flight as you fly the tiny helicopter up, down, forward, backwards, left and right. The precise speed rotor is the cherry on top that allows for excellent control of the helicopter during flight.

The charging dock is fitted with a slim design transmitter, while the multi-purpose carry case can be transformed into a heliport. Attach the helicopter to the recharging station to let it refuel between flights.

Please Note: The SilverLit Nano is an assortment available in red, blue or green. You will receive one at random. If you have a preference please contact our friendly customer service staff on 1300 746 724.

More Information
  • 82mm long
  • The smallest helicopter in the world
  • Guinness Book world record holder.
  • 3-Channel indoor helicopter
  • Flies up and down; forward and backward; left to right
  • Built-in Gyro Stabilizer
  • Precise variable speed rotor
  • Auto Tri-band system
  • Slim design transmitter with charging dock
  • Multi-purpose carry case included
  • Turn carry case to become heliport
  • Built-in Li-Poly recharchable battery back (included)
  • Transmitter: 4 x AA batteries required (not included)
Brand Silverlit