Telescopes for Landscapes

Our range of telescopes cater for amateur astronomers and seasoned professionals. We offer Dobsonian and Celestron telescopes with equatorial or altazimuth mounts. We carry telescopes with a range of different optical types, such as Refractor Telescopes, Reflector Telescopes and advanced Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes (SCTs). High quality optics and coated lenses make for crisp, clear viewing of celestial objects. Our range of computerised telescopes and CPC scopes are perfect for deep space viewing and astrophotography. The range includes astrophotography software and telescope accessories to help take pictures of the night sky. Telescope accessories such as filter kits, powertanks, astronomy books, planispheres, telescope eyepieces and more are available at Australian Geographic. We offer after purchase advice and technical assistance, as well as an online Telescopes for Beginners guide.