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Made from hand blown glass, the Sun Jar is an energy efficient lamp making it possible to store sunshine to light up your night.
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Made by Suck UK, the Sun Jar allows for you to save electricity and brighten up your home by storing sunshine. It works through solar power, containing a solar cell, rechargeable battery and a low energy LED lamp. When you keep your jar in direct sunlight, the battery will be charged through the solar cell. At night time, you’ll have light thanks to the LED lamp, now powered by your sun-charged battery! You can even leave your Sun Jar outside, thanks to the water tight jar. 

For best results:

  • Keep the Sun Jar in direct sunlight to charge
  • Place in darkness to light up
  • Set the switch to ‘charge’ to stop automatic illumination, and for efficient charging (the Sun Jar will charge in both ‘charge’ and ‘auto’ modes)
  • The battery may run out after time, if it does, replace it with a AA rechargeable battery. You can find the battery under the solar panel.

Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 16cm

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