Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb with Dimmable Light

Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb with Dimmable Light

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Manage your lights at home with a tap of your smartphone with the Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb with Dimmable Light. It directly connects to your home network so you can automatically switch them on or off. You can also adjust the brightness to suit your mood.
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Too Lazy to get out of bed in the morning to switch off the lights? Forgot to turn them off before leaving the house because you're running late? Now, a revolutionary LED bulb will light your way. It's not just your ordinary bulb, it's the Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb with Dimmable Light.

This smart bulb from TP-Link features Wi-Fi connectivity which directly connects from your home network. No hub required. Control your lights using your smartphone anytime, anywhere. With adjustable brightness, the LB100 lets you customize your lighting to suit your mood at any time. It also gives you peace of mind when you're away from home. You can turn the light on and off at different times, giving the appearance that you're home. The Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb LB100 saves energy without brightness or quality loss and lasts up to 13.7 years. Set schedules to turn on/off the Smart Bulb at any chosen time for your convenience. For example, you can set the bulbs to turn on every morning to wake you up or every dusk to light up your room automatically.

Download the Kasa app from your phone so you can have full control of your Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb. With Kasa, you can pair TP-Link smart home products with any Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap and The Google Assistant for voice control, giving you the ability to control your home with voice commands.

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