Osmo Pizza Co. Game

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Cook up a storm of skills with Osmo Pizza Co. Game. Learn how to manage money, give correct change and invest your profits to improve your shop! Please note that you need an Osmo Base & Mirror in order to play this game. You can purchase this by purchasing the Osmo Genius kit or Osmo Creative kit.
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When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s the perfect time to learn about coding, shop management and your finances! Through Osmo Pizza Co. you’ll run your very own pizza shop! You’ll cook up the pizzas and calculate the change by using toppings and money tiles. When you start making a profit, you’ll be able to upgrade the shop and bake your way towards becoming the maestro of pizza!

Help your children learn in the way they know best: play. Learning to count and create using their hands makes it fun and easy for them to develop their skills in a safe and comfortable environment. Kids will learn addition, subtraction and fraction skills and will develop their ability towards quick response mental maths. Osmo Pizza Co. will adjust difficulty in accordance with your child’s ability!

More than maths and a fun cooking class, children will learn to read body language and facial expressions to create the perfect pizza for their customers. Make the wrong pizza with the wrong toppings and you’ll risk a bad review and a grumpy customer. Get it right and they’ll be loyal for life!

A key part of Pizza Co. is teaching children how to run and build up a business. They’ll learn to save money in order to invest and upgrade the shop.

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