Osmo Genius Kit

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Introduce children to coding through a fun, hands-on and interactive way through Osmo. The Genius Kit comes with the base and includes five games for children aged 5-12.
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Code to your hearts content with the Osmo Genius Kit. Complete with games and base, you’ll have hours of fun, entertainment and learning.

Included Games:


Osmo Numbers gives children to learn maths in a hands-on and fun way. Simply arrange physical tiles, which includes dots and digits, to make up the answers and complete levels. To add, put in more tiles or subtract by removing them, multiply by connecting tiles together. Experimenting is fun, fast and intuitive!

Designed to help children develop their confidence in maths, there is no pressure of time or fear that they might give the wrong answer. Kids are given the opportunity to learn through experimentation without being in under stress.

Maths can be creative. Learning that there are many right ways to solve a problem, the creativity of kids is utilised and the fun of thinking outside the square encouraged!

Osmo Numbers is perfect for learning at all ages, with counting, addition, concatenation and multiplication modes anybody can be challenged! As you get more confident in one mode, you can move onto the next, learning at your very own pace.

Underwater World

With over 90 beautiful fish to discover and collect, you’ll have so much fun with the featured Underwater World. From Rainbowfish to Frankenfish, try collect them all!


Enjoy the timeless game of Tangram, remastered! Arrange the puzzle pieces in front of you to match the shapes seen on-screen. You can play with a friend or on your own with the added challenge of the more advanced levels. Your handiwork will light up with each and every victory!

Using a fully interactive video experience, Osmo has reinvented the wheel… or really, it’s reinvented Tangram. The game gives feedback both audibly and visually, with multiple levels of difficulty.

Tangram gives your brain the opportunity to practice spatial and visual problem-solving skills. Whilst also being super fun, you’ll start thinking with shapes.

With over 500 different puzzles to play in different shapes and forms, there are so many options to create. When you’ve completed puzzles, you unlock new challenges!


Words and puzzles… what could be better? Words and puzzles with friends! With a word hidden on screen, throw down the letters fast than your friends to spell out, guess the word and win! There will be a picture on screen to help you out.

You can choose to get competitive or work as team with different modes, Versus or Zen. While it’s fun to work alone too, these modes are created for extra fun with friends and family. It’ll be the biggest hit at your next dinner party for kids and adults alike!

Words comes with 150 puzzles to play, but if you love it so much you run out of puzzles to do, you can logon to myOsmo and download new albums. This will give you endless amounts of playtime! You can even create your own ideas for a Words album and submit this through myOsmo too. This can also be the ideal way for teachers to get students engaging with class material in a new and fun way.


Goodness me, we love science! We love play time too. Newton brings the two together in a creative way that encourages the creativity, physicist and inventor in a child. Use your hands to convey what’s in your creative mind to draw objects that will guide falling on-screen balls into targeted zones. You can invent anything!

As you invent, grow and succeed, the levels will begin to challenge you more with harder tasks! Start off with simple strategies, but as you continue to play and invent Newton will throw challenges your way.

You can play with literally anything! And everything! Newtown will adapt to whatever you choose to place on the playing field. You can start with something as simple as a ruler or pencil, but you can also try other objects like Osmo Coding Blocks, toys or cutlery! You can solve Newton levels however you like, so use your imagination to expand the way you think and play.


Develop your inner artist using Osmo Masterpiece. Turning your iPad into the coolest drawing tool, Masterpiece will give you the proportion and perspective you need to make your drawing perfect. There are no limits, except your own imagination.

You can take a photo of whatever it is that takes your fancy, whether it be a dog, your mum or your favourite slice of cake, then Masterpiece will transform it into an outline so you can learn to draw to perfection.

We know that kids love to draw, but pen and paper seems to be rapidly decreasing in favour of smartphones and tablets. With Masterpiece, the two worlds collide, allowing kids to use technology to develop their hand-drawn skills.

Now that you’ve finished your Masterpiece, you can share an amazing time-lapse video of the work you’ve done with anyone you’d like!

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