Osmo Coding Awbie Game

Osmo Coding Awbie Game

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Living in the digital age, coding is a modern superpower. Introduce children to coding through a hands-on and creative way with Osmo Coding Awbie. Please note that you need an Osmo Base & Mirror in order to play this game. You can purchase this by purchasing the Osmo Genius kit or Osmo Creative kit.
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Coding Awbie is the game that makes learning logic skills and problem-solving fun. For children growing up in a digital first world, Coding Awbie is one of the easiest ways to introduce your child to coding.

What could be more fun than collecting strawberries with Awbie? Guiding the way Awbie goes, through coding! You’re able to control Awbie, the fun and playful character who adores a delicious strawberry. Through your coding commands, you’ll guide Awbie on the most exciting tree-shaking, strawberry-munching adventure!

A wonderful sensory game, children are able to learn through play. When you combine physical blocks with an interactive game your child will have their imagination inspired, encouraging dreams and building confidence while having fun!

But why stop there, and why play and learn alone? Collaboration is built into Coding Awbie, so multiple kids are able to play together using the same iPad. Make sure your table is big enough and you’ll be able to make space for two or more children to assemble the sequences and play together.

Coding Awbie comes with over fifty years of research into computer programming education from a team at TIDAL Lab, Northwestern University. The game will keep kids from 5-12 engaged, entertained and learning for hours upon hours.

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