Oregon Pro WMR300 Weather Station

Oregon Pro WMR300 Weather Station

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Discover professional quality and industrial standards with this magnificent weather station.

The Ultra-Precision Professional Weather System (WMR300) is brought to you by Oregon Scientific. This extraordinary tool automatically uploads accurate and detailed weather data for ease of access. Capture and store information to track long-term weather patterns and customize the recording intervals. Capable of transmitting data three times as far as the WMR200 weather station, the information is wirelessly transmitted with the solar powered weather station.

Gather Comprehensive Weather Data including:

  • Weather forecast
  • Max/ min/ current barometric pressure with trend
  • Max/ min/ current outdoor/ indoor temperature and humidity with trend
  • Wind speed (average wind speed and wind gust)
  • Wind direction (current and 10 min dominant wind direction)
  • Rainfall (rain rate, accumulated rainfall, past 24 hours rainfall, current hour rainfall)
  • Heat index
  • Wind chill & dew point
  • Sunrise/ sunset time
  • Moon phase
  • Other sensors

The Oregon Scientific WMR300 is a highly intuitive weather station featuring Weather OS PRO, a customisable PC interface for tracking, managing and transferring collected weather data. The accuracy and high precision accumulates into a strong wireless transmission which means that your solar powered sensors can transmit data over 300 metres. This means you can put your weather station wherever you want and still receive the same excellent results.


  • Large backlit LCD touch screen display unit
  • Forecast based on Barometric Pressure
  • Graphical display of up to 24 months of detailed weather data at a time
  • 300m (1000 ft) sensor transmission range
  • Customizable recording level allows user to specify how frequently data is generated
  • Data logger stores gathered data from three weeks to three years depending on the selected recording level
  • USB connection for uploading weather data to PC
  • Today and monthly min/max
  • High/low alert
  • Radio-controlled clock
  • Optional NIST-traceable sensor certification for US residents

Track weather patterns over time by customising your data recorder to capture and store the information that YOU want. Get reports by the minute every 3 weeks or set longer intervals up to 3 years. All the data is available at a glance or can be seen on your PC via the USB cable included. The touch screen weather station features easy-to-read graphics and is a fantastic addition to the home, office or farm.

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