Netatmo Presence Camera

Netatmo Presence Camera

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Protect your home and workplace from possible crime and unwanted activities with the Netatmo Presence Camera. It's an ward winning sophisticated guard that protects your home while blending seamlessly into any exterior.
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Keep an eye on your outdoor surroundings with the Netatmo Presence Camera. Install this outdoor security camera system to protect your home from possible crime or to monitor the activities in the office.

Presence Camera uses a sophisticated deep learning techology, Smart-Sight, that analyze and precisely report the activities outside your home. It also features the Alert-Zones that enables you to choose specific areas for alerts to know instantly when someone enters that zone.

You can view yor property in real-time using any device by using the the live stream in the app. You can also scroll past footage and download videos.

Presence camera is like an outdoor light when installed and can replace your existing outdoor light. Enjoy this security camera system with a powerful smart floodlight in no time.

During night time, you can either watch discreetly with Presence's infra-red night vision or switch the camera's floodlight on. The floodlight can be switched on manually or set to switch on when the camera detects a person, car, or animal. It really helps secure your home from unwanted visitor.

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