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Need help finding the perfect toy?

With such a variety of kids toys at Australian Geographic, we make it easy to shop online for great toy ideas! We've created a list of some of our favourite toys for kids of all ages - get some great Christmas or birthday gift ideas, or keep the kids busy on the weekends and during school holidays with these fun toys.

Remember that standard shipping is absolutely free to addresses within Australia, so you can buy kids toys online with confidence!

Stuck on finding that perfect toy?

We take a look at some of our favourite kids toys below, from small fun toys like Touchable Bubbles, Gemstone Pets, and that old classic - the Balancing Bird - all the way to the amazing iSolar System Augmented Reality book and the Cosentino Magic Kit. All of these kids toys have been thoroughly tested and enjoyed by many of our team - not to mention kids in Australian Geographic stores across the country.

With so many cool kids toys, Australian Geographic can easily become your #1 destination for buying toys for kids of all ages online. 


Ages: 5+ (or younger if you want to blow the bubbles for them!)

Blow through the hoop, wait ten seconds and then watch in amazement as you catch the bubbles on your fingers.

Touchable Bubbles are a classic kids toy made of a non-toxic polymer bubble mix that allow the bubbles to float extra far. After floating for a few seconds, the bubbles form a soft 'skin', allowing them to stick to hands and fingers. Clean-up is a breeze by using a damp cloth.

You will frequently see these cool kids toys out and in use at our Australian Geographic stores. They have been a staple product for us for many years - as a child, I still remember staring in wonder at these amazing bubbles that didn't pop!

Add these to your kids' party supplies - they make perfect party favours to add to party bags or to use as pass-the-parcel gifts for kids.


Ages: 7+

Create a cool illusion of a flying UFO with this spinning kids toy. Made of light materials, this alien UFO toy will appear to be controlled by hand gestures, and will baffle your friends as it flies before their very eyes!

This amazing kids toy does take a little practice to perfect, but with a little experience you will be dazzling audiences with the amazing magic UFO toy. I won't give away the magic trick here, of course - that just ruins the fun! See the video for some great examples of the tricks you can perform with the Mystery UFO toy.

Make the UFO spin, levitate and soar as you develop your hand-eye coordination. It is a must-have for any aspiring illusionist.

Splat Slammer Kids Toy


Ages: 5+

Squeeze them, stretch them, splat them. Splat Slammers are a safe and fun kids toy that will stick to just about any smooth surface! Stretchy and soft, they are a fantastic sensory experience for kids.

This small novelty makes a satisfactory SPLAT sound when thrown. Made of a rubber material filled with a super soft and squishy slime, the outside of the Splat Slammer will stick to most surfaces. They are then easy to peel off the surface, ready to be thrown again.

It's normal for sticky kids toys like the Splat Slammer to get a little dirty, however these are easy to clean with some warm, soapy water. After washing away any dirt or dust, let it air dry before using the Splat Slammer toy again.

If you are looking for gifts under $10, then you can't go wrong with this kids novelty toy. It makes for a perfect addition to any kids birthday gift or Christmas present.

Pom Pom Puppies Kids Craft Set


Ages: 8+

Make toy Border Collies, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Beagles, Yorkies, Pugs and more with this great kids craft kit.

KLUTZ toy craft kits are fantastic quality featuring very useful instructional pictures and adorable animal craft ideas.

Design endless canine creations with the included pom-pom maker.

Use the punch-out paper shapes to decorate your dog with collars, leashes and pet carriers.

Wayne the Wombat Plush Kids Toy


Ages: 3+

Guaranteed to be much more huggable than a real wombat!

Wayne the Wombat measures a whopping 55cm in length and is covered in high-quality, ultra soft fur to create a cuddly Australiana kids toy. Wayne is incredibly popular as an Aussie souvenir for visitors and always inspires awe in customers who see him in our Australian Geographic shops. He makes for a great gift for kids of all ages - even us big kids!

This kids plush toy is machine washable, colour-safe, non-allergenic, and won't dig holes in your backyard.

6 Pin Penguin Bowling Set Kids Game


Ages: 3+


The Penguin Bowling Set come with six adorable penguin-shaped bowling pins, a weighted ball and a plastic mat with numbered circles to show you where to put the pins. When not being used for a game of six-pin bowling, the penguin pins make for fun kids toys for general play.

All components fit neatly into the carry bag so you can take your bowling set with you for a fun game at the park, preschool, or a friend's house.

Balancing Bird Kids Toy


Ages: 3+

Perch the Balancing Bird on almost any surface and watch in fascination as it maintains its balance!

The Balancing Bird has to be one of Australian Geographic's most classic kids toys. Demonstrate the amazing world of physics! What can you get it to balance on? Your finger? Your nose?

The carefully-aligned weights in the wings of the Balancing Bird ensure that it is always balanced on its beak, allowing it to be perched just about anywhere. It is an amazing kids toy that never goes out of style!

If you are looking for a small gift under $10, then you will love this novelty toy.

Make A Face Stress Ball


Ages: 3+

Squish and tug the novelty toy to create hilarious expressions.

The Make A Face stress ball is another classic Australian Geographic kids toy that has been popular with our customers for many years. It is made of a rubber pouch filled with clay - unlike sand, the clay filling holds its shape for much longer, allowing you to have lots of fun setting up funny facial expressions.

Unlike other stress balls, the Make A Face is not designed to be squeezed constantly to relieve stress. Instead, cheer yourself up by making it pull ludicrous faces that you can't help but laugh at!

A malleable desk toy or party prize for kids birthdays, the Make A Face makes a fun gift for children and adults alike.

Little Ripperz Kids Toy


Ages: 4+

With a flick of the wrist this foam glider toy can soar over 30 metres. Perfect your throwing technique to perform awesome flying tricks!

Made of strong, sturdy foam, the toy plane is lightweight and easily fits into children's backpacks, perfect for taking to the park, school or Grandma's house.

By varying your throwing style and by using the wind in different ways, you will be able to make the Little Ripperz toy perform all sorts of aerial stunts and tricks. This makes the kids toy perfect for taking outside and throwing around, either by yourself or with a friend. See how far you can throw it and what kind of tricks you can make it do!

A fun novelty toy that never disappoints.


Stretch these cute and colourful toy critters. Each pack contains a mix of insect and dinosaur miniature kids toys of various different colours.

A great tactile gift to squish and stretch, these small novelties are under $5 and make for a great little pocket money spender!

Rory's Story Cubes


Ages: 8+

Give your imagination a work-out with this amazing children's game. Each story starts out with the classic "Once upon a time...", then the player rolls the 9 cubes to generate random images. These 9 objects must then be worked into the developing story in some way. Is the turtle riding on the back of the sheep during a thunderstorm? Or is a fish reading a book on a plane?

It's quite tricky! With 54 unique pictures, you can mix and match the cubes into over 10 million different combinations, so you'll always have something new to come up with!

Rory's Story can be played as a solitary game or with others as a great party game or ice-breaker. It is great at developing communication and literacy skills.

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