KANO Pixel Kit - Learn to Code with Light

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The Pixel Kit is a computer made of lights. You build it yourself, and code it with simple steps. It senses sound and displays data. 
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The Pixel Kit is a unique creative coding kit that combines the physicality of digital pixels with learn-to-code flows. Perfect for beginners all ages, the Pixel Kit inspires people to get creative with technology, understand how it works, and not just consume it. It also provides a platform for the arts, enabling animations and drawings to respond to music, sound, and data.

What’s in the box:

  • Step-by-step storybook: Build your Pixel Kit with easy-to-follow illustrated steps, and learn all about light, LEDs, and pixels.
  • 8 x  16 RGB LED Matrix:  Paint with light and create works of interactive digital art with 128 dazzling pixels. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Light diffuser: Customize the brightness of your lights, whenever you want.
  • Battery:  Take your creations everywhere with a battery that lasts 3-4 hours
  •  Tilt  Sensor:  Bring 3D-motion sensing technology to your Pixel Kit to control games, data, and sound (Select models only).
  • 4-way Joystick and 2 buttons: Interact with your creations like you play your games console.
  • Control your games and beat the high score.
  • SD Card: Save all your data
  • Mounting  point:   Easily  mount  your  Pixel Kit on the kitchen counter, bedside table, or any standard tripod.
  • Lanyard:  Removable lanyard keeps your Pixel Kit close at hand.
  • Case: Protect your Pixel Kit from daily wear and tear, bad weather, and keep it safe when it’s not in use.
  • USB Cable: Setup, control, and charge your Pixel Kit.
  • Stickers: Because everybody loves them. Customize your Pixel Kit to make it truly your own.
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