KANO Motion Sensor Kit - Learn To Code With Movement

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A sensor captures motion in the real world—a hand waving, a leg kicking —and sends this information to the computer. From there, it can be used to make games, music, animations and art.
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The experience begins by assembling the Motion Sensor Kit. An illustrated storybook teaches about motion, sensors, and data along the way. Then, you connect it to any computer and get started coding with step-by-step challenges: Wave a hand and simple code to make a game, a musical instrument, draw with motion. The Motion Sensor Kit comes with over 30 creative projects and challenges suitable for beginners of all ages, with many more available online.

What's in the box?

  • Step-by-step storybook:  Assemble your Motion Sensor Kit with easy-to-follow illustrated steps, and learn all about sensors and data.
  • USB motion  sensor:  Detects 3 directions of motion at a time (left-right, forward-backward, up-down) and sends the data to any computer. Use it to make and control games, create art or generate sounds and music. The only limit is your imagination.
  • USB cable extender:  Lets you move your sensor freely, without the need to have it plugged directly into your computer.
  • Suction  Pad:  Keeps the Motion Sensor Kit flat and steady in any surface, horizontal or vertical
  • Stickers: Because everybody loves them. Customize your Motion Sensor Kit to make it truly your own.
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