Metal Detectors Go-Find 60 Metal Detector

Go-Find 60 Metal Detector

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An advanced metal detector featuring Bluetooth capabilities. Light, portable and perfect for serious beginners.
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The GO‑FIND 60 is a high performance detector with advanced digital technology. The increased detection depth and target sensitivity, means that this metal detector is perfect for beginners.

No assembly required! Simply unfold the metal detector, turn on and GO! The controls are pre-set so you can instantly begin searching for treasure. The Go-Find metal detector is 20% lighter than similar detectors, weighing only 1.06kg. Specifically engineered to reduce weight without sacrificing performance, these metal detectors allow you to search for longer.

With Treasure View you can get a good idea of the type and depth of metal objects you have found before you dig them up. The red LEDs indicate iron targets such as nails, horseshoes, toy cars, keys. The green LED’s indicate non-iron targets such as coins, gold, silver jewellery, aluminium, copper and more.

The Go-Find 60 will automatically re-calibrate itself depending on the soil type, allowing you to transition from beach to park to riverbed with complete ease.

Download the smartphone app to control your detector, listen to music, share your finds and more. The metal detector is fitted with Bluetooth functionality to enhance your detecting experience. The app gives the benefits of Coin ID, wireless audio, detector control, music player capabilities, recording find locations and sharing finds on Facebook. Go detecting the modern way and you’ll never look back!

Folds flat for transportation and storage.

More Information
  • Lightweight, portable metal detector
  • Finds coins, relics, jewellery
  • Compatible with soil and sand
  • Frequency/Transmission: 7.8 kHz
  • Coil: 10" waterproof Monoloop
  • Audio Output: Internal speaker & 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Visual Display: 60mm x 36mm LCD screen
  • Backlight display
  • Depth Indication: 3 Levels
  • Detect Modes: 4
  • Discrimination: 4 Find Icons
  • Audio tone: Low-High
  • Ground Balance: Automatic Tracking
  • Pinpoint: audio & visual capabilities
  • Sensitivity Adjust: 5 Levels
  • Battery: 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Low battery alert: Audio & visual alert
  • Length: Collapsed: 555 mm / Extended: 1305 mm
  • Weight: 1.06 kg