Celestron Neximage 10MP Imager

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For high-res planetary imaging, look no further than the Celestron NexImage 10 Solar System Colour Imager. With more than ten million pixels and high-speed data transmission, the NexImage 10 takes planetary images with clarity like you’ve never seen befo
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After observing planets and galaxies through your Celestron telescope you’ll want to share them with all of your friends! With the NexImage 10, this is made easy. The colour camera has a 3856 x 2764-pixel array with small pixels, providing you with high resolution images to help you show off your intergalactic finds. For sharing, the NexImage 10 includes Celestron iCap software so you can snap and export with ease.

If you’re short on time, RegiStax will be your lifesaver. The stacking software automatically selects and filters all the best images, then aligns and stacks your planetary images. Too easy!

A new feature not included in the other imagers in the NexImage series is the USB 3.0 SuperSeed. With the super small 1.67µm pixels, even small telescopes with shorter focal lengths will give you images in incredible detail. This is one of the best valued imaging cameras on the market.

To use, simply point your telescope at the moon or planets and record a short video. The technology in the NexImage 10 will then analyse each frame of video, discards of the fuzzy ones and aligns the remaining images perfectly. You’ll then see bright and clear images with maximum colour and detail as a result. This imager is the best way to get started with astroimaging, even if you live in an area filled with light-pollution. If you can see it in the sky, you can image it!

NEW: Now Max OS X compatible.


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A/D Conversion

12 bit

Back Focus Distance

13.1 mm with nosepiece



Max Framerate


Exposure Range

0.0001 to 10 seconds

Imaging Sensor

ON Semi MT9J003 Color CMOS


1.25” barrel and C-thread

Operating Environment

40C° to -40C° (104F to -40F)

Optical Window




Software Compatibility

iCap, IC Capture, DirectShow, oaCapture

Operating System Compatibility

Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10


Hardware ROI

Optical Coatings

Anti-reflection multi-coatings with IR-block on cover glass

Power Requirements

Powered by USB

Camera Resolution

3856 x 2764

Sensor Size

6.4 mm x 4.6 mm

Pixel Size

1.67-micron square

USB Cable

High-Speed 3.0, 10' cable length


2 oz

Included Items

NexImage 10 camera body, 1.25” nosepiece, software CD, USB cable, instruction manual

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