ANKI Overdrive X52 Ice Truck

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X52 ice is a savage. With no concern about who might be in his way, he’s big, he’s mean and he’s unafraid of blasting opponents off the track with his Pulse Ram.
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You can take on friends or AI Commanders in Takeover, a brand-new game mode exclusive to Supertrucks.

Start your match in your own Supercar, but be careful… if any of your opponents’ break through a Supertruck’s defence, they will take control of the vehicle, allowing them to cause utter destruction on you until you gain control of the Supertruck yourself.


Everywhere the light touches is home to Anki OVERDRIVE, where the darkness lies, you’ll find the Badlands. Here resides the misfits, outlaws and outcasts. Where there are no rules, only those with guts of steel and fierce strategies will survive and thrive. It’s here where Supertruckers are at the top of the food chain.

At your own risk, take on the Supertruck Commanders in Open Play.


Don’t make a Supertruck angry. Or do, it’s your funeral. Not only are they huge and powerful, and incredibly unpredictable they also come with a temper. You’ve been warned. Rage Mode will engage once the Rage Meter is filled, this is done when the Supertruck is kept at top speed. Once the Rage Meter is filled, look out! It will accelerate even faster and continually fire its special weapon until the Rage Meter is emptied.

Please note: Anki OVERDRIVE Supertrucks require a Starter Kit and compatible smartphone.

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