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Grow My Own Triops Kit

Hatch your own living dinosaurs with this science kit that lets you grow triops. view full description

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Hatch your very own dinosaur with this amazing science set that lets you grow prehistoric triops. Considered living fossils, Triops are small crustaceans that first existed 300 million years ago.

Now you can bring their prehistoric majesty into your own home. Using the hatching dish, food and triop eggs provided, you can begin growing your own dinosaurs. The triops should hatch within 18-30 hours.

Attach the thermometer to the dish to monitor the temperature and when the triops have grown transfer them to the larger tank.

A great way to introduce kids to life cycles and teach responsibility.

Did You Know?

The species of Triops in this kit, Triops australiensis, is an Australian native species of Triops, or "tadpole shrimp". It is sometimes called "shield shrimp", for its distinctive, oval body.

The word "Triops" is derived from the Greek words for "three" (tria) and "eye" (ops), so named for the third eye in the middle of its head. Australian Triops can grow up to 90mm in length.


  • Grow Triops Science Kit
  • Hatching dish
  • Thermometer to attach to side of tank
  • Food
  • Eggs
  • Big tank
  • Must use bottled water
  • Requires a heat lamp
  • Hatch within 18-30 hours
  • Usually 1-2 triops
  • Must use bottled water
  • Ages 10+



reviewed by 1 customer(s)
  • No eggs!
    review date: 29/06/17
    reviewed by Karla Symes
    We were super excited to purchase this. The box said enough eggs for 3 batches. The information sheet said 20-25 eggs per batch. The egg container had maybe 2 eggs in it (very small specks, might not even be eggs) very disappointing after spending the time prepping the hatching dish.
    My son was looking so forward to growing these over the holidays. The tank and everything else in the box was perfect. It says 60-80 lab raised eggs on the box, yet the whole thing is pointless with no eggs!

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