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Real FX Racing Cars Radio Controlled Cars

Funded by Kickstarter, Real FX Racing Cars use a slotless race track to ensure ultimate control against real-time race events. view full description

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Please note that no discounts are applicable for this product.

What is Real FX Racing?

  • Radio control cars with Artificial Intelligence, for control never achieved before
  • 12pc slotless expandable, customisable track that sets up in seconds, not hours
  • AI system gives super-rich features while racing, similar to video games
  • This racing system is ready for future expansions, there are plans to add ‘stuff’ in the future, so think of this like video games meets radio control, and it’s a bit like buying into a console system!

Live out your ultimate car racing dreams from the comfort of your own home. Real FX Racing Cars combine artificial intelligence with radio control to bring the excitement of video game racing to life. Utilising light-sensing robotic technology, Real FX Racing Cars sense where they are on the track and adjust their position accordingly. You can change the level of assistance, from Beginner to Expert, or even take complete control of your car.

The expandable, customisable race track can be set up in seconds. The durable track can be connected into 18 different circuits and is slot-less, meaning that you aren't restricted to lanes or speeds. You can overtake, undertake and cut-off your opponent by driving anywhere on the track.

As you advance through the levels, you can experience real time race events such as pit stops and oil spills which test your skills as a driver.

The racing car set comes with two radio controlled cars so you can verse family or friends. If you want to fly solo, simply set up a virtual opponent by choosing "Pace Car". This will then race alongside you without the need for a secondary player.

What's included?

  • 2x RealFX Racing Cars
  • 2x RealFX Controllers
  • 'Starter Track' set includes 12 pieces of track that can be interlinked to create your own track designs. Includes Pit Lane, Starting Grid, Bends, Straights & Chicane. Total track length is approximately 6 m and builds 16+ race layouts.
  • Cars incorporate front & back optical sensors that read the track in real time & communicate with their Smart Controller. Each car is powered by 3x 1.5V AAA batteries (not included). A single set of batteries can last up for 4 hours of racing!
  • 'Pistol Grip' style Smart Controllers with a trigger for throttle (speed) and jog wheel for steering. Each controller is powered by 3x 1.5V AA batteries (not included).
  • Smart Controllers communicate with your car & other players using wireless 2.4GHz, allowing dynamic pairing for multiple players without interference.
  • Smart Controllers include audio for in-race announcements & game setup guidance, and multi-colour LEDs to indicate status.

How do you play with it?

It's very easy to start racing, but takes skill & practice to perfect! RealFX has 2 main play modes:

  • Practice: It takes just seconds to start racing in this mode. Hone your skills. Race around the track & your Smart Controller will state your lap time to 1/100 of a second, and even announce when you set a new personal lap record. Your friends can practice at the same time & monitor their own performance.
  • Championship: This allows you to add multiple players, in a race that lasts for a certain number of laps. You can either fully customise your race settings, select from pre-defined options, or 'replay last race'.

Pressing the 'Pace Car' button allows you to use a second car as a ‘virtual opponent’ in either Practice or Championship mode.

In Championship mode you have the option to add race event simulations. There are several types:

  • Track hazards (e.g. oil spill): An upcoming hazard will be announced by your Smart Controller. You need to adjust your driving style before hitting the hazard. The hazard is signalled by a sound effect, and your cars performance is temporarily altered.
  • Pit-lane events (e.g. transmission failure): When your handset announces a pit lane event, you will hear a sound effect, and your cars performance will steadily drop until you enter & exit the pit lane.

You can choose the frequency of race events in the race setup menu.

You can also choose whether the hazards are 'random' (can happen to each player at any time in the race), or 'targeted'. When 'targeted' hazards have been chosen, you can use the numbered 'feature buttons' on your Smart Controller to attack an opponent at any point during the race & seize your moment to overtake!


  • 2 x Radio Controlled Cars
  • 2 x remote controls
  • Artificial intelligence race track
  • 18 race track variations
  • Real Time race events - obstacles, oil spills, pit stops
  • Slot less race cars
  • Durable race track
  • Multi-language audio
  • Two levels: practice and championship
  • Create a virtual opponent using the Pace Car technology
  • Dimensions: 53cm x 54cm
  • Ages 8+




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