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Aqua Dragons Underwater World

Hatch and grow your own amazing Aqua Dragons! This awesome pet can be enjoyed by all ages. view full description

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What Hatch and grow your very own living, breathing dinosaurs.
Detail Aqua dragons come alive once water is added to the eggs. Watch them grow, reproduce and live their lives.
Wow Aqua Dragons, or their scientific name Artemia Salina, have been on Earth since the Jurassic era, 200 million years ago.

These award-winning real live aquatic creatures are great pets for beginners and teaching kids responsibility. Hatch and grow these incredible Artemia Salina, a prehistoric species of brine shrimp. AquaDragons have lived for millions of years in salty lakes and oceans - even as far back as the dinosaurs!

The Aqua Dragon eggs have an amazing capacity called cryptobiosis. This is similar to Sea Monkeys, the eggs coming alive once water is added. Tests have even discovered that Aqua Dragon eggs can survive p to 20 years before being immersed in water!

Aqua Dragons have three eyes and a pair of fins which they use to breathe, eat and swim (now that's multi-tasking!). The males have a mane on their heads, while the females often display a bulb on their backs.

Grow your own pet with these award-winning Aqua Dragons. Winner of the Tillywig "Sterling Fun Award Winner 2013" and awarded the British Toy and Hobby Association "Best New Hobby Toy of 2013". This is a fresh take on Sea Monkeys! A great children's activity to teach kids responsibility and an excellent idea for a child's first pet.


  • Grow Your Own Pet kit
  • A full color underwater world decorated tank with lid
  • Aqua Dragons Eggs
  • Aqua Dragons Food
  • Sea Dragons Feeding Spoon
  • Pipette
  • Aqua Dragons Underwater World Instructions
  • 6+




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