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AG Stage 2 Book Fire From Below

LOOK OUT! An eruption of knowledge is coming your way in Fire From Below. view full description

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Fire From Below brings to the surface everything your child needs to know about why and how volcanoes happen, with amazing diagrams showing how a volcano can form and what happens during an eruption. The book then takes the reader back to some of the planet's most famous volcanos, including when and where they happened.

This fantastic book is great for children interested in learning more about volcanos or for completing a school project. The book has been written for children at a stage 2 level using language they can understand.

Did You Know...?

There are five types of volcanic eruptions:

  • Hawaiian - Fountains and rivers of lava erupt from the crater, vents and fissures. The lava flow creates wide, low shield volcanoes.
  • Strombolian - Falling rock, ash and cinders build tall cones, which may collapse if the sides of the cone become to steep.
  • Vulcanian - Violent explosions blast large rocks and lava bombs high into the air. These can often spread over a wide area.
  • Plinian - These large explosions empty the volcano's magma chambers and produce huge ash clouds that can rise 48km high. Ultra-Plinian explosions are even more powerful.
  • Peleean - A dome of hard lava in the crater collapses, producing fast moving flows of hot gas, rock and ash.


  • Paperback book
  • 32 pages
  • Stage 2
  • Contents
    • Restless planet
    • Collision course
    • Hot spots
    • A volcano erupts
    • Lava and ash
    • Studying volcanoes
    • All about volcanoes
    • Famous volcanoes
    • Volcano facts
    • Test your knowledge
    • Glossary
    • Index




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